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The Battle of Binfield!

posted 27 Sept 2019, 09:11 by Unknown user
Binfield has not been a happy hunting ground for TRCC's Sunday team in recent years. The club boasts five league teams and their Sunday XI often contains a number of top players from their Thames Valley League sides.

The team headed to enjoy the fantastic facilities at the ground on Sunday, September 15, with an XI featuring a number of their own promotion-winning First XI superstars. Binfield, in comparison, were perhaps not as powerful as normal and an absorbing contest developed.

Stand-in captain Hugh Fort lost the toss and Binfield skipper Paul Edgington (more on him later) opted to bat.

Steve Beamish and Andrew Miller formed an excellent opening pair, with Beamish bowling the opener and removing the number three swiftly thanks to a neat catch behind by the returning Simon Farrar.After the unfortunate dropping of what can only be described as a ludicrously easy catch, Miller soon removed the second opener.Another wicket fell, which brought the ominous and oh-so-familar Mr Edgington to the crease.

For the unversed, Edgington is an enormous man known to TRCC as “The Butcher”.He couples his great size and brutal power with unusual dexterity, timing and general class.One comical moment happened when, after four byes, Stan Fritz, launched the ball back. Normally Fritz's throw lands several yards from its intended target, but this time, the diminutive, floppy-haired motormouth managed to hit the top of the Butcher's helmet with pinpoint accuracy and a resounding thwack.The big man was not pleased but it seemed to focus his mind on the task at hand.

What this means is he took about the Twyford bowling with his usual destruction.

Chris Fort, so often his victim, paused in the middle of a somewhat brutal over to say wearily “we've been here before, haven't we Paul?” Yes Chris, yes we have. The Butcher finished on a chanceleness 102. But he had little assistance, and the hosts finished on a very gettable 171.

Fritz and Powell set about the total, mercilessly punishing some wayward bowling by the Binfield colts.Fritz was then out, as usual, trying to swat to leg. Powell, the team's Boycott, happily without the rancid opinions, plodded on with Stuart Barrable doing what he does best at the other end. Barrable eventually reached 50. He was joined by Hugh Fort before a rush of blood down the wicket to Binfield's young, and very handy, leg spinner led to him being caught behind. Miller came and went, and Fort at the other end was doing his usual thing of not scoring quickly enough. Some very accurate bowling led to TRCC crawling towards the total....and then to the last ball.

Chandra hit it, he and Farrar ran a very tight single. The Butcher picked it up and went for direct hit glory. He missed, and then the backing up fielder fumbled, which led to a second run and a glorious, hard-fought victory for TRCC.

That makes it eight victories for Marc Teal's side in 2019.

It was an excellent bowling performance and a reasonable batting performance, apart from one man who must average at least 80 against TRCC. Two games remain. Can Teal's side get to the glorious double figure win record?