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This site is going away ...

posted 20 Oct 2021, 02:39 by Paul Hackett

We have known for some time that Google was going to remove support for this website (it's using an 'old' version of their Sites facility).

Now we have a date. This site will vanish on 1-Jan-2021.

Hopefully, the new site (Here) will be fully up & running by then.

Nic Downes wins Community Sports Award

posted 11 Oct 2019, 04:01 by Unknown user

Congratulations to TRCC veteran Nic Downes for winning the Community Sports Award at the annual Twyford Together Community Awards.

Nic was rewarded for his hard work with the club's hugely successful Colts section at the awards in August.

He said: “It was 14 summers ago that I set up the junior section at the cricket club and I have been running it ever since, lots of hard work but so very rewarding seeing the youngsters develop an enjoyment of the game, some very good cricket skills and an appreciation of the value of teammates, as well as many other things besides. 

This year I have managed to setup a full junior committee to ensure that things continue to progress long after I decide to hang up my cricket boots.  This is a big turning point for me and the junior section of the cricket club so the Community Sports Award has come at a very poignant moment.”

2019 Season In Review

posted 11 Oct 2019, 03:58 by Unknown user

We are going up!

The 2019 season is a historic one for Twyford and Ruscombe.
On Saturday, September 9, the club's first team inflicted what can only be described as a “complete and
total hammering” of Woodley to secure second place in Berkshire Cricket League Division 1.
This means the club has been promoted to the Premier League.
The team skittled Woodley for a mere 36 and knocked off the total in just four overs with a loss of zero
It's a remarkable feat for the side led first by Shiva Nagam and Razz Shaik.
Stars include the dependable Robin Thompson, the puppy-like new recruit Stan Fritz, the returning Oscar
Woodbridge and Razz himself.
The team were also unbeaten all season at what is now known as “Fortress Stanlake”
Razz said: “It's a brilliant achievement for the whole team.
“To go unbeaten all season is incredible and we look forward to our first season in the Premier League.
“Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this fantastic season.”
Sundays too have had a great season.
The hammering of recent seasons are (mostly) a thing of the past, and the team has already won eight
games this season. A best for captain Marc Teal and the most in many years.
The three tour wins were magnificent and there have been some brilliant games and performances from
the side this year.
Marc said: “I'm very pleased with the Sunday side this year.
“We've added new, young blood, and several stalwarts have produced the goods too.”

Bristol Tour 2019 report

posted 11 Oct 2019, 03:53 by Unknown user

TRCC headed down to Bristol in high spirits for the 2019 annual tour of Bristol.

Unusually, the journey down was in bright sunshine rather than teeming rain and those involved waited in
eager anticipation of the prospect of three games in a row.
And what a tour it was, with some remarkable performances.
The first game was at Failand and Portbury.
As Ben Stokes was batting England to an extraordinary win over Australia, TRCC were also batting.
Highlights include 50 for Marc Teal and some good late order hitting by Chris Fort.
Lowlights included a ridiculous run out involving Simon “Bolt” Burr and his son Dylan getting a
ripsnorter of a delivery off his first ball.
TRCC finished on 171-9
Failand were short of numbers and wickets fell steadily.
We were treated to the curious spectacle of Nic Downes bowling at Tom Fort, helping out for Failand.
You could pretty much hear creaking as the two men with a combined age of around 130 did battle.
The Failand innings finished in magnificent fashion with the returningAngus Weir throwing down the
wicket from some distance for a superb run out.
Failand finished on 154.
Day two saw a new fixture at Patchway.
In blazing heat, TRCC took to the field.
And under the stewardship of Chris “umm, er, ahh” Fort, an excellent bowling performance was
Unusually, TRCC produced some brilliant catching.
Matt Berry and Dylan Burr were the stars, with Burr junior's one handed grab proving there is some
sporting ability within the family.
On the subject of the Burrs, it was fantastic to see young Zac (eight) haring around the field for both sides
and Failand and again at Patchway.
And as for his one over bowl and bat off against one of the Patchway colts, well it ended in a deserve tie.
Twyford's innings was extraordinary.
Well off the pace, despite a best 33 for Burr junior, the mighty Nic Downes
strode to the wicket.
Nic will be the first to admit he's got a limited scoring arc, and happily the Patchway bowlers proceeded
to repeatedly plonk the ball in that arc.

Nic proceeded to repeatedly wallop the ball over midwicket, and TRCC, emulating the scenes a day
earlier at Headingley.
Downes was ably assisted by Tim Hogarth and the two produced a remarkable parnership.
With only the wholly unreliable Burr senior and natural no 11 Paul Hackett remaining, Downes and
Hogarth saw TRCC to a sensational victory.
Downes finished on an unbeaten 60 and Hogarth on 23 and it was two wins out of two.
There was, however, some controversy
The field went up for a catch off Downes during the chase.
The big man, as honest as he is gigantic, stood firm.
Umpire Jim Fort declined.
This completely incensed the Patchway wicketkeeper who remained furious until the end of the game,
then reappeared still incensed and stomped off to his car.
No doubt his long-suffering partner heard a lengthy diatribe upon his return.
Two out of two.
The final game was the long-standing fixture at Harptree Villages.
TRCC lost the toss and were inserted.
What followed was a seemingly endless succession bald middle aged men bowling deadly accurate off
As always on the puddingy west country wicket, it was slow going.
Angus was the star with 38, ably assisted by Andrew Miller.
TRCC finished on a competitive 145.
The innings began with a marvellous slip catch by Hugh Fort.
Wickets continued to fall and TRCC sniffed victory.
A few mighty blows by Phil Hogarth ,Tim's brother, led to a few nerves, but he was ultimately felled by a
ball bowled by his club mate and caught by another club mate helping out in the field.
A third victory, and a magnificent end to a brilliant tour.
Bring on 2020.

The Battle of Binfield!

posted 27 Sept 2019, 09:11 by Unknown user

Binfield has not been a happy hunting ground for TRCC's Sunday team in recent years. The club boasts five league teams and their Sunday XI often contains a number of top players from their Thames Valley League sides.

The team headed to enjoy the fantastic facilities at the ground on Sunday, September 15, with an XI featuring a number of their own promotion-winning First XI superstars. Binfield, in comparison, were perhaps not as powerful as normal and an absorbing contest developed.

Stand-in captain Hugh Fort lost the toss and Binfield skipper Paul Edgington (more on him later) opted to bat.

Steve Beamish and Andrew Miller formed an excellent opening pair, with Beamish bowling the opener and removing the number three swiftly thanks to a neat catch behind by the returning Simon Farrar.After the unfortunate dropping of what can only be described as a ludicrously easy catch, Miller soon removed the second opener.Another wicket fell, which brought the ominous and oh-so-familar Mr Edgington to the crease.

For the unversed, Edgington is an enormous man known to TRCC as “The Butcher”.He couples his great size and brutal power with unusual dexterity, timing and general class.One comical moment happened when, after four byes, Stan Fritz, launched the ball back. Normally Fritz's throw lands several yards from its intended target, but this time, the diminutive, floppy-haired motormouth managed to hit the top of the Butcher's helmet with pinpoint accuracy and a resounding thwack.The big man was not pleased but it seemed to focus his mind on the task at hand.

What this means is he took about the Twyford bowling with his usual destruction.

Chris Fort, so often his victim, paused in the middle of a somewhat brutal over to say wearily “we've been here before, haven't we Paul?” Yes Chris, yes we have. The Butcher finished on a chanceleness 102. But he had little assistance, and the hosts finished on a very gettable 171.

Fritz and Powell set about the total, mercilessly punishing some wayward bowling by the Binfield colts.Fritz was then out, as usual, trying to swat to leg. Powell, the team's Boycott, happily without the rancid opinions, plodded on with Stuart Barrable doing what he does best at the other end. Barrable eventually reached 50. He was joined by Hugh Fort before a rush of blood down the wicket to Binfield's young, and very handy, leg spinner led to him being caught behind. Miller came and went, and Fort at the other end was doing his usual thing of not scoring quickly enough. Some very accurate bowling led to TRCC crawling towards the total....and then to the last ball.

Chandra hit it, he and Farrar ran a very tight single. The Butcher picked it up and went for direct hit glory. He missed, and then the backing up fielder fumbled, which led to a second run and a glorious, hard-fought victory for TRCC.

That makes it eight victories for Marc Teal's side in 2019.

It was an excellent bowling performance and a reasonable batting performance, apart from one man who must average at least 80 against TRCC. Two games remain. Can Teal's side get to the glorious double figure win record?

New Website under construction

posted 13 May 2019, 03:54 by Unknown user

We are in the process of creating a new Website for TRCC. If you want you can have a sneak-preview at twyfordcricket.co.uk.

The TRCC 2017 Season Highlights

posted 20 Nov 2017, 01:42 by Unknown user   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 01:43 ]

On a cold wet Saturday afternoon, an opportunity to reflect on the Twyford & Ruscombe CC 2017 season when our Saturday afternoons were filled with cricket and terrific face tans.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy three minutes of jaaaaaaz. Nice.

So you think you have had some poor bowling spells ...

posted 14 Aug 2017, 02:23 by Unknown user

Spare a thought for the bowler who managed to conceded 40 runs of the last over of a game to hand victory to the opposition.

Hey kids, it's competition time...

posted 5 Jul 2017, 05:18 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Jul 2017, 06:03 ]

Paul Hackett is a Twyford CC institution.

The long-haired science whiz has been opening the bowling for Twyford's Sunday XI since before most of his team-mates were born (sorry Paul) and is as committed to the club as he is to not having to bat.

And he's inspired us.

As holiday season approaches, this photo of Paul proudly sporting his TRCC Golden Cross sponsored shirt during his rather surprising (and impressive) trip to Everest basecamp has provided the inspiration.

We want to see if anyone can beat him on their trips this summer.

The rules are simple:

Take your Mullie or Golden Cross shirt with you on your holidays.

Take a snap of you wearing it what you consider the most unlikely/quirky/bizarre/awesome locations.

Email them to Chairman Burr. 

There are two sections, one is for the colts and one for the adults.

There are prizes to be won. 

So get your thinking caps on, make sure you pack your shirts and get snapping.

Entries will be posted on the club's Facebook and Twitter accounts and the final decision will be made at the end of the season by the committee.

Please email your pictures to Simon Burr at chairman@twyfordcc.org.uk

The 2017 season is finally here!

posted 24 May 2017, 14:36 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 May 2017, 14:40 ]

After what seemed to be a never ending winter, the season for Twyford & Ruscombe CC has started with a bang!  Each of the Saturday, Sunday and every colt side has started with a win, coaching for colts is at record numbers and even the adults are starting to realise training actually makes you play better!  Here are the stars of the Saturday side before setting their opening innings league highest score of 320/7!

Long may it continue!  Good luck to all TRCC players (very) old and young!

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