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All-Time summaries

These two pages are the summaries of all bowling and batting by club players. They were generated from a combination of the data produced by David Downes (See below) and the actual match data. 

The batting summaries can be found TBD
The bowling summaries can be found TBD

Summaries for the years 1969 - 1997

The following data was compiled over many years by David Downes. It takes into account such things as evening cup games not being counted within the official club stats. The stats in the above links do not take this into account. Neither do they have figures for stumpings, as it was rare that the keepers name was recorded in the scorebooks. For the same reasons, the catches (in the above stats) must also be considered a bit suspect, as they keeper may have been given unfair credit.

Best Wicket stands
Best Bowling (7+ Wickets)

Stats for 1982 and 1983

Thanks to Peter Woodman for this data that he just happened to discover while tidying up stuff!

1982 1983