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How to make tea

Just so the information is in a central place, if you have to do the teas at any point, a tea will consist of -
  • 4 loaves (3 if a very hot day)
  • 3 pints milk
  • Sundry snacks, cakes, malt loaf etc.
  • Teabags may or may not be required - Please check
  • Reimbursement by the club is £35
  • We ask the opposition for £40
Previously, I bought the following (See attachment). Note - Too much cheese - Get away with half as mutch. Too much mayonaise - Small Jar suffices. One or two onions only. Scones probably over the top. Not enough butter - Need another 1/2 of one. Takes over two hours to prepare!

There is another receipt from 2016 attached as well. This worked well, but there are a couple of mistakes -
  • Should be 4 loaves purchased
  • The Coronation chicken was not used
  • Neither the onions
  • Nor one tube of Prawn squeezey cheese
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8 Jun 2019, 07:02
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