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Before you begin ...

Please read this page in it's entirity, and only then ask me for a username. I ask this because -
  1. I really want you to contribute!
  2. I really don't want you to be put off because you don't understand something
  3. I really don't want to have to answer a whole of of dumb questions! (Don't get me wrong - You have a question do not hesitate to ask. But I will get bored after a while ...)
  4. If you get stuck, ask your daughter/son/another young person. It's really not that difficult (Trust me!).

What is this site?

This website is hosted by Google (for free, no less) . It is a WIKI - A website whose pages can be edited through a web browser (such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft, or Firefiox, of Chrome). Not only can web pages be created, but photos, movies (say from YouTube) and other items can be put on these web pages.

The intention is that you - the members of TRCC will contribute to this website so that it is more 'inclusive', up to date, and fun! (Also to take the load off of your humble webmaster!),

Request a password

This website does require a login. To get a login just email me (Paul Hackett), cross my palm with silver, and I shall create a login for you & email you the username & password. Note that you will be provided with a temporary password which you will have to change when you log infor the first time. (And don't forget the password you choose!).

Log in to the site

Visit this site in your web browser, and click the "Sign in" text, hidden away at the bottom of the screen -

You then, of course provide your username & password when prompted (Note that your username ends with "@twyfordcc.org.uk". For example, my username is


Add content to the site

It's up to you! Here are some resources to get you going -
I would suggest that you practice on your own pages before you start editing existing pages. Create these test pages below the Play Area page.

But - Please take care!
  • Remeber who reads this site - Not all comment is acceptable!. Please see this page for the posting policy,
  • Dont delete or move pages unless you created them. The pages related to Fixtures, Players & Statistics are in specific locations for a reason. By all means please edit the match reports (or add comments) with your thoughts but
    • Dont delete these pages
    • Dont move these pages
    • Dont delete the "Gadgets" from the pages.
  • Remember - You will have logged on in order to edit the pages on this site, so we will know who is was!

Problems with Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer (and, if you will forgive me for being a bit computer geeky - Why? The alternatives such as Firefox and Google Chrome are far superior IMHO) to browse the web, you will come across a problem when you log in to the site to begin editing. You will (probably) see the following dialog displayed -

Never mind what it means (if you are curious the look on Google for an explanation) - It's a pain in the Derrière as far as we are concerned. It's a security feature, but none of the other major browsers bother with such an obtrusive warning, so itis safe to disable it.

Suffice to say, if you want to edit this site you will need to disable this warning. Instructions to achieve this can be found here, or you can Google the answer from this query.