Updating player lifetime statistics

There is now a Java program available at the club GitHub repository at http://github.com/PHackett/pch-gadgets/tree/master/pch-gadgets/TRCC/data/players/GeneratePlayerStats/src (was in SVN area at http://pch-gadgets.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/pch-gadgets/TRCC/data/players/GeneratePlayerStats/src/). 
  • I would recommend downloading this from SVN in the eClipse IDE, under which it was originally developed.
  • The main() is in the file GeneratePlayerStats.java.
  • The important settings are held as constants in class GeneratePlayerStats -
    • sYear The year whose statistics you wish to add to the player lifetime XML
    • sOutDir The directory (below your home directory) in to which the updated player lifetime XML files will be written
After a successful run you will need to check the updated XML files in to subversion. (Copy the newly created files into your SVN checked-out work area under data/players/ and commit the changes).

Note that I have made recent changes to this program. Not it can not only produce the stats for the individual players, but it can also generate .csv files for the all-time batting & bowling spreadsheets. Have a look at the code - it should be straight forward to see what lines you have to alter to get the different functionalities.

Please Note: I managed to check out the relevant code from GitHub with the following command (run in a clean directory) - 
svn co  https://github.com/PHackett/pch-gadgets/trunk/pch-gadgets/TRCC/data/players/GeneratePlayerStats