Adding a new season

This page was written while I added the 2011 season. All examples use that season.

Add the teams for the year to the XML database page

This is the page Note that this page is changed through SVN.

The format is pretty obvious. For example, you might add the line -

<TeamsInYear year="2011"><Team>Saturday</Team></TeamsInYear>

(if there were just Saturday games).

Add the year directory XML to SVN

For example, create the directory

Add the fixtures XML to SVN

For example, the file Once again, the format of this file is pretty obvious. Never the less, probably better off copying an example from a previous year.

An example entry might look like so -

  <Date>Sat, 7 May 2011 12:00:00 UTC</Date>
  <Opposition>WSL 2</Opposition>

Obviously enough, there is one such section per game played in the year. Note the <Result>NotYetPlayed</Result> which implies unsurprisingly, that the game has not been played yet.

Create the year page

For 2011, this will be the page /All-Fixtures/2011. This is just a regular web-page. Have a look at the 2011 page to see what it should look like.

Create the Team/Year page

  • There will be one page for each team playing in the year. The page location will be like /All-Fixtures/2011/Saturday. Note that the Team name must start with a capital letter!
  • This page should be created from the 'Template' named "Fixtures for team/year".

Create the year statistics page

  • This page will live at /All-Fixtures/2011/stats2011
  • It should be created from the 'Template' named "Statistics for the year".

Add the fixtures to the Calendar

The calendar I am refering to is a 'Google' calendar associates with this Google site.

It is not possible to have a calendar that is global to a Google site as yet, so until this becomes available I am going to use the calendar associated with the username paulhackett.

The contents of this calendar are what is displayed on the home page (Under "TRCC Events"), and may be used by others with a google account.