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Site construction details


This website is hosted on Google sites, a free wiki tool. Information can be found here & here, or use Google.

But this website not purely a wiki. It uses things called Google Gadgets for the display of the data associated with the Cricket Club. By data, I mean Fixtures, Match reports, Player Statistics etc. This page sets out how
  • What Gadgets there are
  • Where their source code lives
  • How they work (overview only!)
Knowing the above will allow you to -
  • Add new playing years to the site
  • Add fixtures for a new year
  • Add match reports
  • View the statistics for the new season

Prerequisite knowledge

To understand how this site works you will need knowledge of -
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • HML
  • CSS
  • Subversion (SVN)
I am not going to try and teach these things here. These are fairly common areas of knowledge for a computer programmer. So - Find yourself a Software Engineer! You will also need to know about how Google Gadgets (a combination of XML& JavaScript) work if you wish to alter the Gadgets, of to write another one. If you just wish to add Match Reports or other data to the site you will not need to go there.

The Gadgets

Where the Gadgets source code lives

The Gadgets are held in Subversion, with the Repository hosted - Once more - By Google. The URL is http://code.google.com/p/pch-gadgets/. You can check it out easily enough but you will need me (Paul Hackett) to permit you to check in again. You will need this permission to perform any actions adding data to the site.

Please Note:
On 13-Mar-2015 Google announced that it was closing down Google Code.
In August, the projects will go read-only, and later in 2016 the site will go completely.

This is a total pain in the neck for me!

I have copied all the data from Google code to GitHub (it can be browsed from https://github.com/PHackett/pch-gadgets) and made the require code changes - it seems to work. However it does mean that all pages on this site that use one of the JavaScript Gadgets will need editing.

More details about the work I have done for this transition can be found on this page.

Note also that there is another SVN repository, this time at http://code.google.com/p/twyfordweb/. This hosts the 'old' TRCC website in it's entirety. Usefully, by applying the correct 
svn:mime-type to the files, it will act as a free, version controlled website! Well handy (and cheap!). The URL is http://twyfordweb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/index.html

Note that we shall be coming back to this site in the future, as it holds the "Data Input"page that so simplifies the creation of Match Reports. 

What gadgets are there?

Administration of the site

The dashboard for this Google Apps/Google site website is https://www.google.com/a/twyfordcc.org.uk. Once you are signed in (for example, my username is paulhackett@twyfordcc.org.uk), if you click on the above link you can do things like re-set people's password, edit documents, etc.

Adding data to the site

Post-season work

Once the season is done & dusted, there are a couple of tasks remaining