Welcome to the "active" part of the Twyford &
Ruscombe Cricket Club web empire!

This site gives you the members the chance to contribute to the club's web presence, with any news, information, photos (even videos!) that you think would be useful/interesting/fun for the rest of the membership (Note: I don't exclude malicious gossip, either).

By you contributing, I mean that you yourself can from the comfort of your own home edit the web pages of this site! No emailing me to do it for you! For details as to how to do this, please see this page for details of how to get a username (How to log in, etc).

But remember - be responsible in what you post! We have a youth section now and we do not want to cause offense! (See this page for details of the policy).

So go ahead - Contribute!
Don't leave it up to the committee! Most of them are so old they hardly know what a website is.
Its up to you youngsters (under-50's) to show the way.

Of course, for those of you (how shall I put this?) of a pre-computer vintage are probably aghast at this point. But fear not! Even if you think that a wiki is a creature from Lewis Carroll's imagination - Don't Panic. Its really quite straight forward. This page is a fine place to start, and if that does not work for you, talk to your children. They'll put you right.

For those of a more technical bent (and as a reminder to myself) and who are interested, please go here.

Don't forget to pay tribute to our sponsors!

The old TRCC site is still available at this location