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Update January 2008

posted 29 Feb 2008, 07:52 by Unknown user   [ updated 7 Mar 2008, 09:18 by Paul Hackett ]
You may think that your committee spends the winter drinking away the club funds while ogling Russian dancing girls. Far from it. We have been hard at work on your behalf, ungrateful beasts that you are.

  • This year's tour will take place August 23-25th. We will be based in Monmouth, staying at the Kings Head, which is a Wetherspoon establishment in the town. Rooms have been booked, the cost around £30 a night b-and-b for shared. On the Sunday we have a repeat of last year's game against Monmouth; I have arranged a lowish-key game for the Saturday against the Clytha Arms, which is a pub a few miles away said to be a corker with a sweet little ground. The Monday game is still in the melting pot.
  • The annual dinner will be on Friday April 25th. Venue to be confirmed - probably the Crown at Playhatch.
  • There will be a race night in May to raise funds for the club's spending programme (otherwise poor Rod will continue to suffer nightmares). We - the committee - have decided to do the whole thing ourselves, to maximise profits. Alex 'The Mighty' Burke has agreed to act as the fearsome spearhead for this project. The idea is to hold it in Twyford, possible at the new scout headquarters. atch this space.
  • We plan to lay two new concrete nets to the right as you come in to Stanlake Meadow in time for the new season. This will be require a major investment of club effort, possibly over a weekend in April. We need to lay the strips, dig holes for the posts, concrete them in etc etc. Volunteers required, preferably with experience in this area. We are also searching for a suitable storage unit to put behind the hedge, so that we can avaoid the tedious business of carting poles, netting, mats etc from the existing shed.
  • The square looks to be in the best condition ever. Rolling will start towards the end of next month, weather permitting.

That's it for the moment, folks - but please, please remember that this is your website, and it can flourish, divert, inform, educate etc ONLY if you put something into it.