TRCC vs. Farley Hill pre-season friendly - April 27th 2019

After a bleak winter, Cricket is back.

We've seen the backs on windy, cold weather and now it's time to bask in glorious sunshine.

So on a windy, cold Saturday, Twyford headed to Farley Hill for a warm up match ahead of their first league outing against, er, Farley Hill.

The side was a mix of league and Sunday players, led by Shiva Nagam, who very much led by example.

The hosts won the toss and elected to bat, leaving late arrivals hoping for a decent warm-up having to scuttle onto the field as the match begun.

The home team were instantly terrorised by Shiva, who sent a number of howitzers flying past their outside edges.

Despite this, the hosts were on around 100 with two wickets down at the 20-over drinks break, featuring squash, although many present would've preferred a warming broth.

Following the break, it was loop the loop time, with Chris Fort entering the fray.

The boundary fielders were brought into action with two excellent catches, and another Farley Hill dangerman was neatly taken by makeshift wicketkeeper Robin Thompson.

Fort ended up with four wickets.

The menacing bearded form of Shiva appeared once again to blast through the remainder of Farley Hill's line up.

The hosts ended up on 167 all out.

Twyford, in their first outing of the season, batted like a team on their first outing of the season.

Thompson fell LBW for 0, Razz was out cheaply to a (perhaps) questionable LBW decision from Fort C.

A pitiful total and early finish loomed.

But Hugh Fort, not always a man to be relied on for a spot of ship-steadying, joined Shiva at the crease.

The usual conversations took place “loads of time” “play yourself in” blah, blah, blah.

We all know what those conversations really mean is “We're up the creak here, try not to get out”.

Fortunately, a fruitful partnership developed, with Fort's solid defence and hammering of bad balls combining nicely with Shiva's hammering of, well, everything.

Fort departed having been diddled by a slower ball. However, 57 had been added and TRCC were in a far stronger position.

Shiva was joined by Asish and the change bowling took something of a clobbering.

The captain was finally stumped after an epic charge down the wicket trying to win the game in style.

But it mattered not, TRCC managed an epic comeback to take the spoils after their dubious start.