TRCC vs. Bracknell - May 6th 2018

American climate change deniers might have wanted to take a trip to Berkshire to take in the difference in conditions for Twyford's two first games.
After playing in six degrees - with a wind chill making it about -1 - at Stonor the week previously, TRCC took the field in blazing conditions to take on Bracknell.
Having won easily the previous year, Twyford were confident of securing their first win of the season.
TRCC were lacking regular bowlers Nic Downes and Paul Hackett, and so skipper Marc Teal experimented with the attack.
Bracknell started well, but Teal eventually removed the opener, who hit a simple catch to young Dylan Burr.
The visitors then started to accumulate, and it took an unlikely bowler to break the partnership.
Much to his father's derision, Hugh Fort entered the attack and removed the fast scoring left hander Cooper with a hip-high full toss.
There was some debate as to whether it was a no ball, but the conclusion was it hitting the stumps meant it probably wasn't.
More comedy ensued when Fort got his second wicket, a ball he thought had narrowly missed the stumps.
This led to an unusual reaction of a disappointed yelp, before being informed the ball had in fact, bowled the batsman.
Bracknell's mid-order accelerated and the visitors finished on a challenging, but gettable 185.

Twyford's openers Teal and Woodman were greeted by a bowler whose line was wide of off stump, and both obliged him by being victims of excellent catches at slip and gulley.
Simon Burr then mistook himself for a high level sprinter and ran himself out.
The innings was being held together by Hugh Fort, who was joined for a useful partnership by his aged father, who annoyed him by hitting a six.
Fort jr was eventually out for 34.
His dismissal resulted in the amusing, and oh-so-Sunday cricket site of Fort senior, 66, being partnered by Nathan Munns, 14.
Young Nathan, having narrowly avoided being stumped off his first ball, showed some promise, whacking the ball well.
But the run rate had skyrocketed, and when Fort Snr was eventually out, that was the game for Bracknell.
Twyford finished on 100, the word "fizzled" springing to mind.
Nonetheless, the performances of the youngsters were promising and the question remains whether H Fort can retain his early season form, or slump into the usual.

Man of the Match: Hugh Fort