TRCC vs. Sonning - May 13th 2018

The Sunday season is now in full swing, and TRCC welcomed their local rivals Sonning to Stanlake Meadow for the third match of the season.
Twyford's players were fearful, having been soundly thrashed by the boys from Clooneyville on the last two occasions.
Tormentor-in-chief Jammiel Ahmed, 100 in 2017, 78 2016 and 63 2015, was at it again, clobbering the ball all over the field.
Twyford's bowlers were producing a combination of unplayable deliveries and standard village fare.
But they were holding their catches.
Hugh Fort took the first, over his shoulder at cover. A pleasing result with a technique that would have brightly-coloured jacket wearing MCC-approved technique lovers tutting loudly.
Chris Fort was the pick of the bowlers.
Despite his now standard mid-over meltdown, he managed to recover to take four wickets.
Twyford's fielding was mostly excellent and the visitors were bowled out (yes, bowled out) for 185, later reduced to 182.
The home side started with skipper Teal and the returning Manan Narula.
Manan, never one to shy away from inviting mockery on himself, decided the best way to reintroduce himself to his teammates was to arrive at the match clutching a laptop, which definitely didn't lead to the tiny batsman being ridiculed.
The two gave Twyford a quick start though, with the veteran Wilding taking some punishment.
Mr Wilding, as many players will know, is part of the fabric of Sonning Cricket Club.
Curiously, no-one has any idea how old he is, as he's looked exactly the same -  white hair, bushy moustache, can of Fosters - for at least 20 years.
Back to the game, and the "in form" Hugh Fort and Joe Downes were now in.
The combination of Downes' explosive hitting and Fort's poking and prodding produced an effective partnership.
Twyford were edging towards the total.
Fort was eventually out for 26 and it was down to the Twyford lower order to support young Downes in his brutality.
Sadly, and with frustrating inevitability, the tail showed all the reliability of an England lower order of the 1990s.
The scoring was 0,0,0,2,0 and infuriatingly led to Twyford finishing just 11 runs short.
Still, a lot of positives were to be had from the performance and Twyford will be encouraged for the rest of the season.

Man of the Match: Joe Downes