TRCC vs. Warfield - July 22nd 2018

Like dogs, every village cricketer has their day.
Whether it's a rip-roaring bowling spell, or suddenly deciding batting is effortlessly easy, every once in a while, the somewhat flawed players of clubs like TRCC look like world beaters.

We've talked about Pete Schofield and his extraordinary ability to be both brilliant and utterly useless in very short passages of play before.

But Sunday, June 22, 2018, at Warfield – that was Schofield's day.

The newly bald northern weatherman was utterly brutal, scoring 106.

He hit eight sixes, totalling 48, and 12 fours, totalling 48.

The club's many maths geniuses will quickly be able to work out that this remarkable achievement was notable for distinct lack of any running.

The ever modest Schofield described it later as “The worst hundred in the history of cricket. Utter filth.”

And while it is unusual Warfield managed to bowl so few balls at his stumps, the brutal hitting power was undeniable, even if he does have, at best, three shots.

The game was also notable for another terrific achievement, as Pete Woodman finally overtook the-equally aged Tom Fort as the club's all-time leading run scorer.

Warfield's players must have been somewhat baffled when a rousing cheer went up when Woodman achieved the two runs needed to overtake his rival.

Woodman now sits proudly atop the table with 17,000+ runs, since his debut in 1796, sorry, we mean 1976.

To the game, a magnificent batting performance from TRCC, apart from first ball Joe Downes, put the score at 244-5.

A nice cameo partnership between H Fort (24*) and S Burr (14*) at the end should be noted, not for any quick singles though.

And to bowling, Downes, fired up after his golden duck, and the rest of us mocking his ridiculous trousers, tore into the Warfield batsmen.

Ably backed up by Matt Berry, Twyford soon had the hosts worried.

Chris Fort took advantage of the, let's be honest, awful, track to produce some predigious spin.

In classic fashion, he produced a series of beautiful off-breaks and then took a wicket with a piece of absolute filth.

Wickets continued to fall, and fears the opposition would shut out and play for a draw were unfounded.

In the end, Warfield were out for 72, leading to what can only be describe a crushing, devastating victory for the men of Stanlake Meadow.

TRCC head to the next game, home to Ipsden on the back of successive away wins.

Can Schofield do it again? Unlikely, he's had his time in the sun, expect normal service to be resumed.

Oh yes, we can't go without mention Simon Burr's three catches as wicketkeeper, because he'll cry.

The third of which, a viciously quick ball by Downes, very nearly hit him in his large and somewhat well-used mouth.

Fortunately for his dentist, children and partner, he just managed to catch it before it knocked all his teeth out.

A great day.