TRCC 'Thunder' vs. Wargrave - June 4th 2017

Twyford won the toss and elected to bowl.  Wargrave's progress was steady and improved with each partnership with the exception of the 4th partnership which actually saw the score go down by one run for the 4 overs.  This was a good bowling and fielding performance against good batsmen with Twyford looking like a proper cricket side who meant business.  There was some great throwing from George who had 3 direct hits with one bringing a run out and there was also a very fine catch held by Josh off a lusty blow.

This time we had 6 bowlers (a new high) who bowled an average of only 1 or fewer wides and no-balls per over, well done, Archie, Tom H, Luke, Josh, Max, Matthew.  No one has yet bowled a spell without any illegal balls in it but Archie and Max both bowled 3 overs each and only 1 illegal delivery each, a very good return!
We did however have a total of 21 illegal balls (42 runs) so still plenty of room for improvement.

Wargrave's bowling was the best the side have faced so far, quick and straight, the Twyford batting wilted in the face of such quality.  On the whole the batting was a little timid when it needed a much more robust edge to it.  There was some very good running between the wickets with the ball hit into gaps between the fielders, however there were also a couple of unnecessary run outs as batsmen yelled run without waiting to see if the ball was going to straight to a fielder!  Eight wickets lost was probably 3 too many.

Wargrave 289 - 5, Twyford Thunder 236 - 8

A good bowling and fielding performance but need to be more assertive with the bat.

Man of the Match: Luke, good bowling, a very good fielding performance where he was always looking to attack the ball and put pressure on the batsmen and scorer of the only boundary in the Twyford innings.  As well as the bowling from Max and Archie, there was also a notable performance from George who as well as his throwing in the field, batted well and showed positive intent.