TRCC 'Thunder' vs. Peppard and Stoke Row Maharajas - June 25th 2017

​Thunder made the trip to the beautiful ground of Peppard Stoke Row in search of another victory on the back of their nail-biter at Finchampstead the previous week. On winning the toss, 8 man PSR put the visitors in to bat, with a couple of our boys filling in the shortfall of fielders throughout the innings.

Morgan and Josh made a solid start, with just one wicket lost and the former hitting sixteen off one over! The PSR bowlers, while producing some good balls, were helping tick the score along with plenty of extras, but ​Thunder also added their own pressure with some really excellent calling and running. Some proper cricket shots were also unfurled by more of less all ​batsmen. More importantly, the wickets count was staying static, ensuring the score went in the right direction throughout the innings. A couple of wickets towards the end slowed the run rate a touch, but Ollie H hit a quick 12 ​in the final few overs to give the visitors a very respectable 316 for just 3 wickets lost!

After some quick refreshments, the boys were in high spirits and started the defence of their total with plenty of enthusiasm and noise in the field. However, this failed to translate to their bowling, as all bowlers struggled with the sloping run-ups to the crease. While plenty of wides and no-balls kept the score ticking over, PSR were also capitalising on any wayward balls, and began to fight their way back into the game. ​Thunder failed to produce a single wicket in the first half of the innings, but managed to assert a little control with some good fielding and lots of encouragement and support from everyone throughout.

The introduction of Tom C in the 14th over finally produced the breakthrough ​​the team needed, taking a wicket with his first ball. A wicket for Josh shortly after slowed the host's momentum going into the final pair, but with 35 needed for victory it was still anyone's game to win. Fortunately our bowlers found their composure and control, giving their opponents little to score from and few extras, ensuring they held their lead until the final ball.

With both teams more or less equal with regard to extras, this game was won with the performance with the bat and especially their running. The margin of victory - 18 runs - can be attributed to the number of singles they ran compared to the hosts. Credit goes to the dads for running the "Run Them Out" game on thursday.

Nonetheless, TRCCT, while the better team, came very close to throwing the game away! As can be witnessed in their score (their best ever?), they have improved remarkably over the season, with the running and calling a world apart from their performance at Finch the week before. In the field, they are are sharper, more confident, more enthusiastic and are beginning to look (and sound!) like proper cricketers. Again, however, it was their bowling that let them down. While the ground would have been awkward for any bowler, they know they could have done better, and almost cost themselves what should have been a relatively easy victory. Still, two wins on the trot is very pleasing!

Peppard & Stoke Row Maharajas 299 - 2, Twyford Thunder 317 - 3

​This week 6 of the bowlers managed an average of only 1 or fewer wides and no-balls per over, well done, ​Archie, Oliver, Tom H, Matthew, Josh and Tom C​.  Special mention to ​Archie and Josh who ​both ​bowled ​2 overs without a single illegal delivery​.  Last week Thunder bowled 30 wides & no-balls this week it was down to 20, a big step in the right direction but still short of the benchmark set by Finch last week of only 15.
​On Thursday we worked on trying to avoid getting out to straight balls to it is particularly pleasing to see only 3 wickets lost this week as opposed to 12 last week.  Last week 101 runs were scored from the bat but 60 runs lost through wickets, a net +41; this week 79 runs from the bat but only 3 wickets so a net +64.

Man of the Match was shared by Morgan and Oliver who both contributed a net +12 runs with the bat, well done Morgan, well done Oliver.