TRCC 'Thunder' vs. Kidmore End - July 2nd 2017

Wow, it pretty much all worked!

Except the directions :-)

A beautiful sunny morning in Kidmore End and Twyford Thunder began to roll in, slowly at first and then in numbers but still with several scouring the local countryside for the well hidden ground.   It was worth finding, yet another lovely setting.

KE won the toss and put Twyford in to bat.  This was the innings we had all been waiting for, a series of excellent partnerships, (Max H & Matthew +30, Max B & Morgan +24, Sam & Samuel +21, Archie & Jack +20, Tom H & Tom C +27).  That's how to start, maintain and finish an innings.  The KE bowling was ok too, only 26 illegal balls but they could only capture 4 Twyford wickets.  The big scorers were Tom H with 20 and Morgan 16 but once out for a net 11.  These 2 were the only ones in double figures but the key was everyone contributed runs off the bat and we did not lose too many wickets.

Twyford's bowling was good but the fielding was even better.  KE were effectively strangled with only their captain, Luc, managing to find the freedom to make a significant contribution with the bat; at one point he hit a big six that sailed toward the spectators (mostly a row of mums) up leapt coach Andy to make a full length dive and stop the ball and become an instant crowd hero, it should be noted however that although he got hands to the ball he did in fact drop it!  The KE batsmen were not so lucky with the catches that mattered as Twyford held all 5 that came their way, it might even have been 6 but there were so many I can't be sure of the exact figure.  It was not just the catching that was good, the ground fielding was even better, raising many gasps of admiration from the supporters of both teams as full blooded drives thudded into long barriers and smacked into outstretched palms. 

KE may not be the strongest team that the Thunder have come up against but playing like this in all departments (batting, bowling, fielding) Thunder would have rained on any team's parade!  This was the best all round performance that I have seen from any Twyford junior side in any year.

Twyford Thunder 321 - 4, Kidmore End 242 - 9

​This week 7 of the 9 bowlers used managed an average of only 1 or fewer wides and no-balls per over, well done, ​Max B, Samuel, Matthew, Archie, Morgan, Tom C and Jack​.  Special mention to Matthew who ​bowled ​2 overs without a single illegal delivery​.  21 illegal deliveries in total, so close to a team benchmark of 20 in 20 overs, it's time to lower the target, as a team it needs to be under 20!  Let's not forget the benchmark set by Finch of 15.

Man of the Match: I found it impossible to choose, everyone contributed really positively this was a proper team effort.