TRCC 'Thunder' vs. Henley Lynx - July 16th 2017

Twyford Thunder welcomed Henley Lynx to Stanlake Meadow for their last competitive game of the season.  It was a dry morning with gentle sunshine but the square was very green as a result of recent watering followed by last weeks rain.

Henley won the toss and chose to bowl first.  The conditions, a soft green wicket, were very difficult to bat in, the ball did not come on to the batsman with any pace and there was a lot of mistiming of shots and it was difficult to get the ball away.  It was going to be a tight and relatively low scoring game!  The Henley bowling only made things more difficult as they sent down a miserly 15 illegal balls worth 30 runs.  It was only when Max Hitchings came to the wicket that the score really moved forward, Max timed the ball  well and played powerfully with a purposeful follow through of the bat sending the ball over the infield and racing to the boundary, six fours in a net total of +25!  No other batsmen managed to get into double figures as a net score.  The net partnerships were +12, +12, -7, +36, +22 and Twyford finished on a net 275 having lost 7 wickets.

Henley's innings got off to a dreadful start as Max B, Sam and Morgan all took a wicket in each of the first 3 overs.  This seemed to encourage Twyford to deliver their most accurate bowling of the season by far!  There were only 12 illegal balls worth 22 runs (2 of these were in the last over and so only cost 1 run each).  This was a truly encouraging bowling performance that has set a new benchmark, not only is this a lowest by Twyford but no other side has bowled as few illegal balls against us either, a very impressive display!  The bowling was also backed up by an extraordinary show of catching from Josh who held 3 very good catches.  The Henley batting was steady, a rocky start but then very even, their partnerships were -1, +24, +23, +19, +20.

The bowling was pretty even, byes similarly so and the batting was remarkably close with Twyford scoring 76 from the bat and Henley 75 but the real difference in a game of fine margins was the wickets lost, Twyford lost 7 but Henley only 4, so a net deficit of -15!

Twyford Thunder ​275 - 7, ​Henley Lynx 283 - 4

I have already mentioned the excellent bowling​ and all the boys deserve their mention here, all 8 of the bowlers (we played with 9 and Max H kept wicket throughout) managed ​the target of ​an average of only 1 or fewer wides and no-balls per over​.  Well done​ to ​Max B, Sam, Morgan, Matthew, George, Archie, Josh and Tom H​; ​with special mention​s​ to ​Sam who bowled 3 overs ​​without a single illegal delivery​ and to Max B and Tom H who ​both ​​bowled ​2 overs ​​without a single illegal delivery​.  A total of 12 illegal deliveries, that is a great way to finish the season but the target next year has to be 10 or less!

Man of the Match: For a terrific innings that was easily the best from either side and in difficult conditions too, Max Hitchings for his +25 (gross 30 and once out), well done Max.