TRCC 'Lightning' vs. Sonning - June 23rd 2017

Sonning won the toss and put Twyford in to bat.  Scoring runs proved to be difficult against very accurate bowling from Sonning who only bowled 17 illegal deliveries (wides and no-balls).  This was one of the best bowling performances we have seen all season.  Special mention must go to the partnership of Max Barton and Jack Skinner who despite losing 2 wickets (-10 runs) managed to put on a net +21 runs with Max striking 3 boundaries.  The rest of the batting struggled with the exception of Luke who hit a couple of good 4s.

The Sonning innings was a steady, even affair with all partnerships making a significant contribution.  The Twyford bowling was generally pretty wayward, Sonning only lost 3 wickets and 2 of these were to run outs, so there were some good bits of fielding and the team was always enthusiastic and played the game in good spirit.  I am very pleased to say that I have not seen a Twyford boy indulge in the bat throwing antics that were on show from the Sonning captain!

Of the 9 bowlers used by Twyford only 4 of them manged the target of an average of only 1 or fewer wides and no-balls per over, well done; Max, Thinula, Will E and Jack. In total Twyford bowled 34 wides and no-balls (68 runs)!  Given the need to improve on the accuracy of the bowling it is particularly pleasing to see Thinula in that list of those making the target of only 1 or fewer wides and no-balls per over and it is also worth mentioning that Jake (this was his very first match) also bowled his first over without a bad ball in it.  Some seem to bowl a poor first over and then improve in the second and others start well only for it to slip later.  This does show that they do listen to what we are trying to coach them and that they all have the capability to bowl well, they just need to find some consistency!

Twyford Lightning 230 - 8, Sonning 325 - 3

Man of the Match:  In particular for the way he knocked the strong Sonning bowling all round the park but also some tidy bowling of his own, Max Barton was the MoM, well done Max.