TRCC 'Lightning' vs. Wokingham Red Oaks - June 16th 2017

The summer has finally arrived, cricket weather at last.

Wokingham won the toss and put Twyford in to bat.  Another solid start that continued through the middle of the innings, only 1 wicket down after the first 11 overs but the second half of the innings saw another 7 wickets lost.  The positives here were a very creditable 41 runs scored off the bat including 9 from Josh with a 4 that went a long way and 9 from Elliott with a big hit that very nearly went for 6.  So 41 from the bat but -40 for the wickets lost!  Wokingham bowled 22 wides and no-balls.

The Wokingham innings was also off to a solid start but they were always slightly behind the Twyford score and were still behind after 16 overs, however they managed to only lose 4 wickets, so while they only scored 26 off the bat they were only -20 for wickets lost so their batsmen were +6 overall.  This did mean that actually the Twyford bowling was in parts very good and it was this that managed to keep the game in the balance for so long.

Of the 9 bowlers used Twyford had 5 of them who manged the target of an average of only 1 or fewer wides and no-balls per over, well done; Luke, Mikey, Elliot, Josh and Jack; particularity Luke who bowled 2 overs and Jack who bowled 3 overs, neither of them bowled a single illegal delivery.  In total Twyford bowled 25 wides and no-balls (50 runs).

Another close game and the result could have gone either way.  Just a couple of fewer wickets lost and bowling fewer illegal balls than the opposition and the result will go the other way.

Twyford Lightning 247 - 8, Wokingham Red Oaks 259 - 4

This was a good team performance all round and it was especially good to hear lots of positive encouragement from all the boys to each other.

Man of the Match:  For a strong contribution with the bat, the ball and some very good fielding the MoM was Elliot, well done Elliot.