TRCC vs. Farley Hill - September 7th 2014

Another Sunday, but alas - the nights are more obviously drawing in. Where has the year gone?

But enough of those morbid reflections for now ...

TRCC were inserted with what looked like a lush (& therefore slow) outfield - But appearances can be deceptive! As the game progressed balls fairly raced towards the boundary, far faster than the pursuing fielders.

Things did not start well for the home team, with Woodman back in the clubhouse for a duck in only the third over. J Downes did not last much longer, fingered LBW by the umpire (who shall remain nameless as he has stumped up the bribe) after the ball came off the bat. Things steadied a bit, with Narula seemingly dropped every over, but the wickets still fell far to quickly for comfort - 53-5 after only 17 overs. Would we be able to post any kind of decent score for Farley Hill to chase? Fortunately the tail wagged - And with a vengeance! Schofield, Singh & N Downes all took advantage of that fast outfield, providing a much needed spurt to leave TRCC finishing with a quite respectable 186 at the end of the innings.

One gourmet tea later, courtesy of C Fort (lovely Coronation chicken!), and the visitors had their turn at bat. Farley Hill were hitting hard and scoring boundaries, but there was a recklessness to their sometimes wild swings. Only a succession of dropped catches (some extremely difficult, others that should have been held) kept the wicket count down. But with determined bowling, wicket were falling - The visitors were at 35-4 in the 13th over, and 82 for 5 (after 20 overs were called) with 17 overs remaining. The chase looked very challenging for Farley Hill. But things were not to go TRCC's way. Jalil & Henry heaped on the runs at a terrific rate, sometimes fortunate, but mostly devastating blows off the middle of the bat leaving forlorn fielders trudging to retrieve the ball from far beyond the boundary. It ended with almost 3 overs to spare.

So, TRCC literally let the game slip through their fingers with a poor catching display. But a fine batting display by our opponents, and a deserved victory to them. An ultimately frustrating game for Twyford, but exciting.

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