TRCC vs. Binfield - September 28th 2014

A little poem before the last match report of the season -

I bowl to my reflection in the outside kitchen door;
Then, switching to a batsman’s role, I face myself once more.
Was ever bowler quite so subtle with his sleight of hand?
Or ever batter quite so quick to read & understand?
Such wealth of cricket expertise by subterfuge concealed
Deserts me from the moment that I step onto the field!
                                                             By Arthur Salway

I like that.....

And so, once more the Earth has completed its circle of the Sun and we find ourselves in September for the last match of the season. Binfield! Home of The Butcher, so often our scourge in meetings past (As Chris Fort remembers!) - Would he be our undoing once more, or would Twyford, like last year, eke out an unlikely victory?

Twyford were placed in the field for the first innings. The weather was hot & sunny, the breeze gentle - Where else would one rather be? TRCC openers Hackett & Beamish were good from the off - Runs hard to come by and chances given ... but just out of reach. It did not take long for the first wicket to fall as Hogarth took a good catch off a skyer - The visitors were off to a fine start. Then Hackett, diving for a Caught & Bowled chance that never was, pulled his calf-muscle, and was out of the attack, and soon out of the game. Binfield seemed to take this as a good omen, and the run rate started to mount. Boad was bowled by A Smith, making his welcome return to the side after a year out after knee surgery, but Higginson and Edgington for the home side made hay. Both scored over 60, with Edgington undefeated. Wickets fell towards the end of the innings - only Allan-Canty making double figures - but the final total of 205, while not insurmountable, was going to be a challenge for Twyford.

One scrummy tea later, Twyford were at the crease. But woe! Woodman out for a duck in the first wicket-maiden over! This did not bode well...

But if Binfield had "The Butcher", Twyford had "The Tornado"! Pete Schofield went, frankly, berserk. Fours & Sixes (even the occasional single) flew from his bat. Dot balls? They were for wimps! 44 runs in what must have been less that 18 deliveries faced - Great to watch, for Twyford that is. Of course, it could not last - he was caught at slip - But the innings was up and running, a quarter of the required runs already on the board after only 8 overs. Although Fort Jnr. departed swiftly, Fort Snr. shrugged off the years to post yet another 50 for his collection. But with Singh's departure for an excellent 43 with the score on 141, the Twyford innings faded. Excellent bowling from Hayman & Edgington ripped apart the tail. The ninth wicket fell with the score on 173, and Hackett declined to bat with there being just too many runs required.

Victory to the hosts Binfield!

But what a way to end the oh-too-brief season - Where has the time gone ...

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