TRCC vs. Lower Earley - September 14th 2014

Let's get this out of the way. It was a hell of a catch.

First, to set the scenario, in the previous week's game, the opposition skipper dabbed what can be generously described as a ludicrously easy catch to gulley, which was spilled by one N. Downes.

A somewhat tired cliche is "what a difference a week makes", and in this case, it was true.

This time round, the bowler was Hackett and the batsman very much followed the "if you flash, flash hard philosophy".

He sent an edge flying to first slip.

The edge was such that it would've gone over the head of a smaller man.

Even the giant Downes had to stretch upwards.

The veteran spinner (read: old codger), who is now known for reactions as slow as his bowling, stuck a massive mitt up and managed to catch the ball, travelling at missile like speed, between two fingers.

The following outburst occurred:

"Oh yes”

“See it and weep”

“Oh yes”

“All ye from last week of such little faith, the old man has still got it!”

“Oh yes”

Which I felt was somewhat understated.

On to the rest of the game.

In our last home game of the season, I lost my third toss in a row and we batted first, setting an impressive 193.

Jim Quartermain was the hero with 81 not out,batting all innings, the only blemish being him running me out.

He was given able assistance by the rest of us and we posted a formidable total.

The opposition came out and batted for a bit, we got a few wickets, including Downes' mega-catch.

It became clear that:

A) They weren't going to get the score
B) They weren't trying to get the score

At this point, inspired captaincy or some game-raising was needed.

Sadly, neither happened, and with five wickets down we still had hope, but ultimately we ran out of time on 144.

I'd say we batted really well and bowled OK but ultimately struggled against batsman who were just trying to stay in.

Disappointing really, but we move on to Cranbourne on Sunday, who usually thrash us.
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