TRCC vs. Frieth - May 25th 2014

The Sunday side's annual trip to Frieth ended in something of a capitulation and crushing defeat.

The team were sadly faced with the age old problem of playing teams including players who were much better than they were. It started promisingly with the hosts making the seemingly eccentric decision to bad first on a wet wicket. And initially they struggled, with their opener falling in the second over, skying a terrible long-hop from Will Howard-Jones to Tom Fort at mid-on. The look of fear in the veteran's eyes when he realised there was no-one else to catch it for him was a sight to behold, but the club chairman rarely lets us down, even though he's 63 tomorrow. The second opener fell shortly after to Schofield, followed by Fort T removing the bloke who scored a hundred for them last year for just one, particularly pleasing as he'd been dropped behind the stumps off his first ball.

The aged loud-voiced writer continued to lead by example, snaffling a sharp chance at point.

The wily old fox was leading the way, and helpfully pointing out to everyone else where they were going wrong too. At 50-odd for five, Twyford's tails were up. Sadly for Twyford, that was as good as it got as a couple of left handers got Frieth back into the game. One largely used what has become known as "the Walkland technique", repeatedly carting it over midwicket. Also, unlike our left-hand maestro, he was actually playing for his team, and as far as I'm aware didn't once moan about how long the game was. Despite some good-bowling from Mustafa Zahid, Frieth began to move along nicely. At the same time Twyford's initial good fielding went to pot. Catches started going down, not naming any names but Pete Schofield dropped two right sitters.

Frieth finally finished on 208, a somewhat daunting total for Twyford. whose line-up including "about nine number sixes" according to the ever-positive club chairman.

Those slim chances became distinctly skinny when Freith unleashed two not-so-secret weapons. Doing the most unfair thing of bowling fast and straight, Hussain and Williams took to their task with relish. Waheed Zahid ws the first to go, bowled, followed by Howard-Jones, bowled, Simon Burr was then LBW, so would've been bowled, followed by H Fort, bowled, T Fort, bowled, Mustafa Zahid, bowled, Pete Schofield, bowled, Marc Teal, bowled, Pete Woodman LBW and Tom Leadbetter, you guessed it, bowled. Nic Downes was left not out with the final score a pathetic 46 all out.

Man-of-the match (through gritted teeth) Tom Fort

Champagne moment: Pete Schofield being awoken from a peaceful slumber at mid-off in time to drop a catch. TWICE.

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