TRCC vs. Greys Green - June 8th 2014

There are times I've felt worse on a cricket field, for example when my father accidentally ran me out at the non-striker's end on 0 a few years ago, when I was stranded at the other end and saw four wickets fall in the same over at Theale last year and when I was out first ball to give someone a hat-trick at the age of 14 when all the fielders and me knew it was going to happen.

Yesterday, wasn't as bad, but bad nonetheless.

My hopes for the side weren't high, having had eight players on Friday, nine on Saturday and then 10 at the start of the game.
Yasser Khan's son Adeeb came in to make up the 11th, but we came across the age old problem in Sunday cricket where we came across a team that was simply much better than us.

Pete and Oscar offered resistance to their very good bowling attack but scoring was slow, and when the top order departed, we offered the cricket equivalent of Matthew Upson's defending against Germany in 2010.

A combination of poor shots, excellent bowling and a general lack of cricket nous (giving catching practice, a silly run out, that sort of thing) to an enormous capitulation and the very-much-undefendable total of 76.

We went out to field and the unshakeable Oscar, who would back his bowling to clear up with a total of seven, bowled pretty well.
But the task was impossible, and their openers made light work of our total.

So that was it, the game was over by five o'clock and we departed wishing very much the thunderstorms of Saturday had continued.
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