TRCC vs. Theale and Tilehurst - June 1st 2014

A pleasant enough afternoon, especially given the forecasts from the preceding days, Theale & Tilehurst came to Stanlake.

Twyford were given the job of fielding first. Fine opening spells from Hackett & Woodbridge kept the Theale openers on their toes, with a superb catch by Quartermain (travelling like a rocket to mid-off, never getting above ankle height) sent White back to the pavilion. But while runs remained difficult to come by, the partnership of Dimmack & Sankaran dug in. With the change in bowling the run rate increased substantially, reaching 100 before the next wickets fell. Then another burst of runs before, finally Theale's Dimmack was caught, an excellent 70 runs to his credit. Then Quartermain his his purple-patch, chopping down the visitors tail for a final tally of 6 wickets (His fine catch repaid by an equally fine effort from Leadbetter).

The final total of 175 was higher that TRCC had hoped, but a lot less than they feared - Eminently chase-able on that true-playing square.

Woodman & W Zahid fairly raced off the mark as the home side began their innings, nearly 5 an over for the first 10 overs - An almost unheard of rate for Twyford! But with the dismissal of W Zahid & T Fort (After he had had to leave the field temporarily due to 'Jockstrap Problems'), only the ever reliable Woodman was to make any serious contribution to the chase. (However, one must feel sorry for Quartermain after he was out first ball on the 8th ball of an over, after a mix-up when the umpires were changed!).

So, a bit of a fizzle really. Twyford had the opportunity, but once again 'tail' & 'wag' did not resonate for us. But still a good game against friendly, sporting opposition. And there is always next year!

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