TRCC vs. Sonning - June 15th 2014

And Lo, a miracle was seen to come to pass in the land of the Twy-Forts ....

It's finally happened, no-one listened to me when I said it, but it's happened.

Yes, that's right, we came across a team considerably worse than us.

Who was it? I hear you ask.

The quadraplegic XI? The Yellow Brick Nursery reserves? The England football team?

No, it was none other than Sonning - a team which has routinely hammered us over the years.

The hero again was Oscar Woodbridge, who got five wickets.

The committee will sit down soon to discuss the 25ft gold statue he's demanded.

Once again he ably demonstrated something the keen cricket minds in the club have point out, that if you bowl  balls at the stumps, not very good batsman will sooner of later let it hit their stumps.

We bowled them out for 44, one lower than our own pathetic surrender at Freith a few weeks back.

Of course having been bowled out for 45 there, and 75 last week, this potentially was a tricky total.

But we had the right men for the job, young Manan Narula feasted on the buffet provided with very capable support from Pete Woodman, dead keen on a unique not out score, we got there without losing a wicket.

A 10-wicket win, unheard of, Pete could remember one, back when men were men and the miners were on strike (probably), but I've never seen us get on the right end of one.

Of course, in that 44, we still managed to drop four catches, which make a somewhat ludicrous game even more ludicrous.

It's a strange old season so far, I reckon next week's team will either be nine elderly ladies or they'll turn up with Curtley Ambrose and Shane Warne in tow.

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