TRCC vs. Woodcote - July 13th 2014

A bit of a hike up the A4047, TRCC made the trip to long time opposition Woodcote. It was agreed that the game would be an overs match of 35 overs per side, limiting each bowler to 7 overs. This was so that the game would finish in time for everyone to get back for the World Cup final!

Woodcote elected to bat. They raced away from the off, mainly due to ropey bowling & copious extras. But the pitch was not one that a batsman would wish for, with the ball cutting in & out seemingly at random. Eventually, J Downes bowled one at the stumps, dismissing Fuller with the score on 28. And wickets started to tumble! Hackett, accurate from the off took two in quick succession, and soon the home side were reeling at 58-5 - Twyford smelt blood!

But this was to be an innings of two halves. With Pearson & Aldridge at the crease, the home side tore in to the bowling, with the run rate going ever up. The shot of the innings was a huge 6 which sailed over the pavilion (a long way!) ...

... and landed on a car parked behind -

Fortunately, the owner of the car who turned up later was very good about it - Apparently the Parish council will pay for the repairs,

Anyway, Woodcote posted a far larger total than was previously expected thanks to 50s from the above mentioned players. 169-6 in only 35 overs looked somewhat awkward for TRCC, especially with the pitch giving aid to the bowlers.

One excellent Tea later, it was time for Twyford's batsmen to show their mettle! Alas, we had not banked on M Pearson for the home side. He was swift (even threatening according to some), accurate and seemingly impossible to get away. His figures from his one spell tell all - 7-3-7-4 - great figures, well deserved.

So Twyford were in trouble on 61-6, with the required run rate well over 5 per over. But this time, there was support from the tail. C Fort, S Farrar & T Downes all posted nice totals, and what is more important, resisted being out for a considerable length of time! But despite this, it was obvious to all concerned that the required runs were beyond reach for TRCC. They ended the innings with a creditable 139 runs, still miles behind Woodcote. Because of the limited-over nature of the game, that spelled defeat for the visitors.

But hey-ho - A fun time was had by all, the rain that had threatened early on in the afternoon turned to bright sunshine, and with the noise of the Woodcote Steam Rally in the background it was all in all a splendid afternoon.

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