TRCC vs. Reading Lawyers - August 3rd 2014

The good weather just keeps coming this summer - A lovely warm, bright day greeted the players at Stanlake meadow. There had been rain two nights before, but now the close-cropped outfield was looking smooth as a billiard table - Quite a change from just two weeks ago. Ideal if you are a batsman!

The Lawyers won the toss, and elected to bat. It was immediately evident that this was a good move on their part, as openers Ashby & Aqiba raced away, punishing not just the loose ball, but seemingly any ball that did not have perfect line & length. Opening bowlers Hackett & J Downes were hit all over the field, with the ball racing to the boundary on that glass-like outfield. Things improved slightly with the first bowling change, with two wickets falling before the 100 runs mark. But with Platt joining Ashby in the crease - Well - Twyford had no answer, as the runs piled on. Two or three difficult catches were put down which would have greatly helped the home side. 248 the final score, with Ashby not out on 133, and all the Twyford bowlers suffering. A tough target, but just two weeks ago both teams had scored over 200 with a far slower outfield. Certainly we had quite a batting line-up. Could Twyford pull something out of the hat?

Well .... no.

Two quick wickets with the home side only having reached 15 put paid to any ideas of a chase. Weir & Teal bravely fought back, but Twyford were nowhere near the required run rate as the overs continued to pass. Only Woodbridge managed a reasonable stand - 40 not out at the close. But with the true wicket, the Lawyers were having problems dismissing the tail. The final wicket to fall was on the last ball on the match - Twyford were 9 down and has scraped a draw.

So Twyford were undone by excellent batting from the Lawyers. Although the bowling figures do not show it, we actually bowled quite well. However, although this game is recorded as a draw, it was a resounding moral victory for the visitors.

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