Wooburn Narkovians - May 20th 2012

A grey and cold day, but at least dry - We might get some cricket in!

Wooburn's square was in great shape considering all the rain - firm, true and not the least slippery. TRCC's innings did not start well, with Woodman going in the first over, but after that it was pretty well all plain sailing for the visitors. Runs came a a good lick with almost all batsmen making a contribution. And kudos to Downes for his first 50 of the season. 

The final score of 199 off the 40 overs looked to give TRCC a chance of victory in this overs-based match.

And indeed Woobur's run rate at the start of the innings was well below that required - But (crucially as it turned out) runs were not falling with any regularity. When they did fall, they only brought D Small to the crease. He upped the run tempo considerably, nevertheless it was only in about the 32nd over the TRCC began to worry about a defeat. And runs kept mounting as the batsmen started to hit out, safe in the knowledge that they had plenty of wickets to spare.

It all came down to the last over, and Barker managed to hit the winning runs with just 3 runs to spare.

So, another defeat for Twyford. But we batted well, fielded well, and bowled pretty well too. All that separated the two clubs was a boundary or two. All in all, perfectly matched sides, and a great game.
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