TRCC vs. Falkland 3rds - August 19th 2012

Another warm though more humid day than on Saturday saw TRCC once more in the field at the start of play.

J Downes with the new conker raring to frighten both batters and slip cordon in equal measure! Bowled first ball, just nipping back from outside off and clipping the top of off stump. What a cracker that never was as the umpire stood with arm outstretched and the bowler rueing the heinous crime of overstepping. Downes proceeded to throw the ball around with Smith holding up the other end but wickets were hard to come by. Cochrane and N Downes fared little better though Downes did get a breakthrough with one batsman holing out to deep mid-on and a nice catch by Barrable. Rudd eventually showed the way picking up a couple of wickets including an excellent diving C&B as Falkland meandered to 163 for 4? However gifting 48 extras doesn't do justice to our inexperienced wicket keeper but adequately highlights some poor bowling with plenty of wides and far too much leg side bowling. Bowlers should learn quickly that bowling express speeds or spinning the ball more than Warne is fantastic but totally useless if you cannot control both a reasonable line and length! A very quiet day in the field and noticeably different to the chirping that goes on for Saturdays most of the time.

Still, time to show off the TRCC batting skills once more. The Sunday backbone that is Woodman and N Downes didn't fare well however and as with Saturday, Barrable and Cochrane were soon at the crease discussing the need for a bowling machine to practise against! The first hour was up somewhat earlier than expected as no one had taken account of the innings start time though the last 20 overs started right on 6pm, TRCC requirying 108 more runs. Some would say it was friendly bowling whereas others might say the imposing threat of that magnificent pair scared the Falkland bowlers to the outer reaches of the strip. Barrable stroked the ball around in his normal carressing style whereas Cochrane had all the usual grace of a bull in a china shop bludgening his way to a rapid 58. A change of bowling though saw Cochrane heading to the pavilion to finish the washing up with just 33 required now from the last 10 overs. A fine tea and hot day saw plenty of empty plates and cups so Cochrane was busy for some time awaiting the final claps of congratulations and a job well done. Concern grew as each cup was placed perfectly back into its rightful position in the cupboard. Has there been a sudden downpour from the heavens? Alas no, TRCC had once more forgotten that the wooden thing is used to hit the red thing of the green square thing and preferably over the white thing some 60 odd metres away. Just 12 runs scored in 7 overs or so and the win seemed to be disappearing into the sunset. Wickets falling, run outs galore with Jim once more trying to prove he really is a standin for Usain Bolt. The final bit of comedy was added by Smith batting down the order and having taken an early shower when TRCC were cruising to victory, had to don pads and bat to not even face the last ball of the match. Match drawn with Barrable on ~47*. An enjoyable day but as with the previous day it was a match that TRCC let victory slip from their grasp.
And so to the last few games and tour. Your last chance to be a hero and make your mark, take than blinding catch, bowl the unplayable ball, score that century or quite simply just turn up and support your club - player / umpires / heroes needed for a glorious end to the season please!!! If none of that appeals then why not come along anyway and have a good laugh as TRCC try to make it as hard as possible to play this game :)

Please Note: Although we have a match report (Thanks Ken!) we don't have any match data!
Well, that's what happens when I am not playing!

What do you know! some data has appeared!

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