TRCC vs. Lower Earley - September 11th 2011

Ten years on from that infamous day ...

How things speed into the past, even the most dramatic of events.

Anyway, the weather forecast was 'interesting', shall we say, but things began bright & fair as Twyford made the journey to Bearwood College, the new home of Lower Earley. The pitch was very green and damp, so winning the toss TRCC captain immediately put Earley in to bat in this 40 over game.

Twyford's bowling was less than completely accurate, but still with impact due to some well taken catches, and the fact that almost no ground shots could make the boundary through the lush outfield. The sun was warm, the game progressed without either side making a killing. In fact, not really much to write home about, although TRCC's fielding was good under the circumstances. The final total of 174 looked OK for the conditions, but not overwhelming.

After a rather meagre (and expensive!) tea, Twyford went in to bat. The outfield had dried out quite a bit, but that did not bother the batsmen as they threw their wickets away with sundry bad shots. And the weather deteriorated - Rain fell, twice forcing a return to the pavilion. When play resumed the outfield was back to it's slow original state, and the wicket was incredibly slippery, with several players going A-over-T. But the runs - They kept mounting! Could the impossible happen? Guided by Walkland with an excellent knock given the conditions, TRCC drove ever closer to the target. C Fort added more of the needed runs in a controlled display, but the wickets kept falling, and TRCC had but 10 players on the day. Finally, Hackett (The eternal number 11 - or 10 in this case) was called on. Tight it was, right up to the last ball - Of all things a Tie - 174 runs each.

So, so stubborn & timely batting from TRCC leading to an unexpected & novel result. Things were a little spoilt by the somewhat unsporting way in which the result was received by some members of the opposition - but stuff those silly individuals!