TRCC vs Woodcote - July 10th 2011

For the fifth time in a row Twyford were at home,
This week hosting long-time opposition Woodcote. A pleasant if overcast day, the home side were inserted to bat.

The pitch was playing well (a couple kept low), the outfield was swift, and the bowling was not causing that many problems, but the batsmen just could not get a decent handle on things. The top seven got into double figures, but no one could 'sustain'. The final total of 166 looked low, but Woodcote only had 10 players - Surely we could best them?

But from the off, it was obvious that Woodcote were not entertaining thought of batting out for a draw, with 9 runs coming off the first over! The flow quickly quietened down, and Twyford had their successes, but as each new batsman came to the crease and the home side hoped they had finally got through to the rabbits in the tail, the batsmen seemed to want to hit the ball harder! In the end, another wicket might have made all the difference but it was the visitors who romped hope with overs to spare, although the actual result seemed tighter than was reflected on the scorecard.

Yet another defeat for Twyford - Not a humiliating one, but a defeat none the less. But we can take heart in the performance of two players new to Twyford - D Featherstone & A Woodbridge (Father of rising star Oscar) who acquitted themselves with honour, and seemed to have a really good time in the process!

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