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TRCC vs. Moulsford - 19th July 2009

It was a grim afternoon, especially for July. Grey clouds, heavy with the threat of rain, and a strong persistent wind from the South-West greeted visitors Moulsford at Twyford's Stanlake Meadow ground. Would we get a full afternoons play in? Only time would tell...

The home team batted first, and got off to a solid, if unexceptional start, with Woodman & Leach looking untroubled by the bowling attack. Runs mounted steadily at well over 3 per over, reaching 74 before the first wicket fell in the 21st over. But no other batsmen could sink their teeth into Moulsford's bowling, and the innings began to stall. Only Leach, who scored a superb 80 (what a find he has been for the club this year!) continued the attack successfully. The final score of 152 was not bad on such an ugly day, but really it looked a little short. The pick of the bowlers was definitely Herman, who took 6 wickets for just 39 runs. But special mention also to Davey who gave away just 13 runs in 9 overs.

After tea, Moulsford sprinted away in their innings, with inaccurate and down-right bad bowling gifting many boundaries to the batsmen. However, when captain H Fort changed the end from which Hackett was bowling to allow him to bowl with the wind, some sense of order returned to the Twyford attack. But Moulsford's openers Perry & Littledale seemed not to care, striking the ball to all corners with impunity. It was 102 before the first wicket fell, and soon afterwards the teams had to retreat to the pavilion due to rain.

It was a miserable Twyford team that looked out at the rain. Cold and wet, with a couple of catches dropped and only certain defeat to look forward to when play resumed, tempers were frayed!

But the rain cleared, and then something extraordinary happened - Hackett & Leach found their rhythm and started testing the batsmen. And wickets began to fall, one after another and in quick succession. Catches were held, fielding was sharp, and Moulsford were in trouble. What had seemed impossible came to pass - Twyford won the game - dismissing 9 batsmen for just 22 runs. Hackett was the hero of the hour with a personal best of 35-7, and Leach took the remaining 3 wickets. Certainly one of the most remarkable victories Twyford has ever seen.

But a warm thanks go out to Moulsford who took the defeat in generous, sporting mood - plentiful in their praise, and promising to humiliate us next year!