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TRCC vs. Cranbourne - 21st September 2008

Second weekend in a row of beautiful sunshine & blue skies - and TRCC made the long journey to Cranbourne near Windsor Castle. Due to a cock-up, only 10 of the visitors were playing (and 2 of missed the opening overs) on what was to prove a true wicket and a fast outfield.

Cranbourne elected to bat, and were presented with a rather below-par attack from Twyford. The batsmen were able to make a fast start, losing only one wicket before the 50 was up. It was looking like a very long afternoon in the field for TRCC, but the change to the slow bowlers T Fort and N Downes reined in the batsman. The final score of 200-9 was better that Twyford expected, or perhaps deserved! For Cranbourne, there were many fine contributions to the total, but Patel stood out with a great 61.

After Tea, the visitors were soon in trouble. An excellent in-swinging yorker (So the batman said!) from Zabi saw Cochrane dismissed in the second over, and he was soon followed by the other opener and the number 4. After 9 overs the score was 3-3 and there were worries that Twyford may be on course to break an old and unwanted club record for the lowest score posted. But salvation came, once more, in the form of T Fort and N Downes, who with support from J Downes and Edney moved the visitors out of the "humiliation" zone. Nevertheless ,the result was never in any doubt. Zabi came back on for his second spell, and soon claimed 3 wickets to complete Cranbourne's victory.

So, another sobering defeat for Twyford, but still a highly enjoyable game in the closing days of the season.
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