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TRCC vs. Greys Green - 8th June 2008

Definitely the best day of the summer so far saw Twyford journeying to long time adversaries Greys Green, in that picturesque Oxfordshire village with the frighteningly (for bowlers at least) short boundary!

Winning the toss, TRCC captain T Fort elected to bat. Things did not go well for the visitors initially, with no runs coming and Cochrane returning to the pavilion with only 8 on the board. But opener Woodman, ably assisted first by Smith and then Walkland, pushed the runs along tremendously - Both Woodman and Walkland reaching 50. Hot work in the field for Greys Green under the scorching sun! The final total of 189 was decent, but on that pitch were there more runs available?

For their turn at bat, the hosts were presented with some decidedly innaccurate bowling from the Twyford attack, with little threatening to take a wicket. But despite that, runs were not in great supply and most batsmen did not seem to settle. This, combined with the unusual sight of Twyford holding all the catches presented to them began to take its toll on the home side. Only Rooke for Greys Green got above 20 runs, and as the overs ticked down, the visitors could smell victory!

But the tail were resolute, and the bowlers could not dismiss them. The game ended in a draw with the home side on 140-7.

But on such a day, with hot sun, a gentle breeze, blue sky, and the promise of a well-earned pint afterwards - Well, it was heaven for all involved.
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