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TRCC vs. Moulsford - 20th July 2008

On the road for the third week running, Twyford made the long journey to Moulsford, out beyond Goring in Oxfordshire. A bright, warm day, but with quite a bit of cloud that obscured the sun for a lot of the game, which it was decided would be a 35-over one.

TRCC batted first, and began slowly, if with great expectations - Holland bowled accurately & swiftly but there were loose balls from the other end, and a fast, sloping outfield! But the batsmen insisted on getting themselves out with some truly poor batting, made all the more depressing by the promise of the runs "that might have been". At 37-3, things looked bad - But Edney and J Fort came to the rescue, taking the score on to 79 (out the the total humiliation zone!). Then, another collapse - Mainly at the hands of Moulsford's Moss - reduced the visitors to 99-9. But the tail in the shape of the perennial No. 11 Hackett wagged with a vengeance, and the final total of 125, though too small for the day, at least gave the visitors something to bowl at.

And bowl they did! Openers Hackett and Cooper were fast and accurate from the off, giving nothing away to the Moulsford batsmen, so that after 16 overs there were only 25 runs on the board, but three batsmen had been dismissed. Things did not improve for the home side with the change of bowling as father & son team N and T Downes continued the assault. The fielders got in the act too, with all catches held including two excellent examples from Leadbetter and Woodman. It was all over in the 31st over - Moulsford still 40 runs adrift of victory.

Such was the unexpected prowess of the Twyford team in the field that drug tests were immediately called for. However, these only revealed the presence of "Breakspear's Ordinary", and the result stood.

So, first victory of the season to TRCC, but all praise to our excellent and most sporting and friendly hosts, with whom we had a fine afternoon's entertainment!