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TRCC vs. Yateley - 17th August 2008

Last-minute replacement Yateley paid a visit to Stanlake Meadow on an overcast, and towards the end chilly afternoon in Twyford.

Twyford won the toss, and elected to field. Looking back, that was the highlight of the game for the home team. The visitors won the toss, and elected to bat. Yateley, considerably younger (someone calculated that the combined ages of their four youngest players was still less that that of Twyford's oldest!), and let's face it more talented, they swept the none-too penetrating bowling aside with ease. Openers Dow and Wood were hardly bothered once, amassing fine totals with speed and style. Twyford could only wait for their mistakes (and pray for rain!). But their dismissals did not slow the run rate. The final total of 241 was pretty good for that afternoon, but unassailable? Maybe not!

Well, yes - unassailable.

Yateley's bowling was almost as good as their batting. Only T Fort put up any resistance for the home side, but the tail started early that afternoon, and the home side collapsed to 85 all out.

So, a sobering day for Twyford. But we were slightly buoyed when we discovered that Yateley had at least 4 county-level colts in their side, and this salvaged a little of the bruised egos.

Me, I'm off for some fishcakes (Yum Yum!).
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