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TRCC vs. Welford Park 2 - 19th July 2008

Confidence was high for the visit of Welford Park, languishing at the bottom of the league table and with Twyford presenting a relatively strong side (according to some allegedly in the know). There was some weather about, but quite frankly it was of little consequence, but if you want a detailed synopsis of meteorological conditions prevailing at the time, you know where to go for it (he has a long mane of jet black hair and an assortment of quite unique t-shirts - where does he do his shopping?).

I have no idea who won the toss, but Twyford batted first. Despite the potential strength of the oppo, my thoughts immediately turned to a potentially short match and the prospect of getting home early to cut the grass (or to read a Tom Fort book), such was my faith in the Twyford batting potential. However, thankfully, these treasonous thoughts were soon banished by a good opening partnership from Adam Smith and Sir Nathan of Eddy, the patron saint of the Saturday side. A 58 opening partnership with some lusty blows from Nathan and some blowing lusts from Adam put the home side in a good opening position.

Unfortunately after Nathan perished at 47 (not literally, thank God) and Gerwyn for 19, just as he too looked to be going for a big score, the wheels of the bus looked to be starting to come off. At the crease came the Boycott Brothers, "Front-foot" Fuller and "One-shot" Walkland. It has to be said at this point that the Welford Park bowlers, especially Herrington and Blair, were on the spot and moving the ball past the batsmen with consummate ease. Or were the batsmen just missing everything?

After quite a few overs for very few runs and a couple of suicidal quick runs (Fuller trying to steal the strike of course) the batsmen could sense the growing tension from the rest of the team that they needed to get a ***cking move on. This was partly achieved by the Boycott twins (with a 63 partnership), although it was not a pretty sight, unless you like gratuitous wild slogging. Some fine blows at the end from Mark Jones and Chris Fort edged Twyford over the 175 maximum batting points marker and to a final score of 185 for 7. Not too bad, but it should perhaps have been more. Blame Fuller, I say.

Steve B and Steve G got stuck into the Welford Park reply and Steve B struck early with a smart caught and bowled. Steve B then struck and Welford were reeling at 28 for 2. However, this brought Herrington, the Twyford nemesis, to the crease and he and Westbrook started to get amongst the runs. They soon had a 50 partnership and Twyford were starting to become despondent - heads were dropping. As too were the catches, a drop from Walkland and then one shortly after from Fuller, normally a safe pair of hands (unless there is a bat in them).

Just when Twyford thought the game was getting away from them, Westbook was bowled by Nathan for 61 and shortly after Herrington holed out to Hoggie for 29. A wicket followed with the very next ball (a great catch from George Nunn), hat-trick then denied, but with the next ball Walkland bowled Jergens. The dam was breached and confidence surged back in bucket-loads to the Twyford team. Welford had gone from 120 for 4, to 135 for 8 and victory was now in sight. We just needed to get the last 2 wickets.

Another wicket for Sir Nathan of Eddy (3 for 41) and another for Walkland (5 for 38) sealed the win. Frustration had turned to jubilation in a few short overs. A lesson for every game. Never give up, keep believing, keep plugging away and if you are lucky (or the oppo only have 2 batsmen) you might just turn it around.

Maximum points again! Job done. Sorted.
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