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TRCC vs. Wooburn Narkovians - 20th May 2007

Travelling far afield, the men of Twyford journeyed this week to Wooburn on a delightful early summer's day. The recent rain after so many weeks of drought left all about verdant and green and the track looking good.

The home side were first in to bat, and it was soon clear that the visitors were going to be in for a long afternoon in the field! Despite good bowling from the openers, the batsmen powered on, giving no chances and striking with confidence. Only after the first bowling change was any progress made by Twyford. Walkland bowled a superb spell, accurate and testing, deservedly reaping a total of 3 wickets. But Wooburn had batting in depth. The visitors were very tired when the innings ended for a total of 187 - Not a huge score from the true manner in which the pitch was playing, but certainly challenging.

Too challenging for Twyford, it emerged. Not only was the home side strong with batting, but bowling too. All the batsmen struggled, save Walkland (again!), returning to the pavilion with too much rapidity for the visitor's liking. Twyford's final score of 123 was not humiliating, but they were soundly beaten by a strong Wooburn side.

Twyford man of the match - Rod Edney for three good catches and dealing with bowling that could be described as "interesting" at times!
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