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TRCC vs. Moulsford - 22nd July 2007

I was going to write this in the style of J.K. Rowling, in order to celebrate the release of the final Harry Potter book "The Deathly Hallows". However, all I could come up with was "Volde-Moulsford" & N Healey being "The Chosen One" for Twyford. Both spectacularly weak - So I gave up.

So - A dry day! Who could believe it! Certainly not Twyford who welcomed Moulsford to the well-drained Stanlake Meadow ground on what became a quite beautiful afternoon. Moulsford were short of players, but a quick ring-round by TRCC Captain N Downes soon found three eager volunteers from Twyford, keen not to get sucked in to gardening by their respective spouses/parents. Moulsford opened the batting, and despite a soft wicket and some accurate opening bowling were able to put on runs at a respectable rate. It was not until the change of bowling that Twyford made any impact, sending the fast-scoring Clarke back to the Pavilion. Then N Healey came in to his own for Twyford, taking for the first time in his career 5 wickets in an innings with some lovely, deceptive bowling! Only Parkes with 33 for Moulsford was able to offer resistance. The final score of 133-8 off 42 overs looked a little weak!

But things did not start well for Twyford with the usually reliable Woodman out off only the fourth ball of their innings. With N Downes at the crease, stability returned to the batting, but runs were slow in coming! Just before 20 overs was called, a second wicket fell, followed by a flurry of dismissals in the next 6 overs leaving Twyford in deep trouble at 54-7. Despite some truly massive sixes from N Downes as he tried valiantly to speed things up, the home side never recovered. Only N Downes carried his bat with any flair, for a total of 60. The rest - Well, the less said the better. But compliments are also due to the Moulsford attack that proved so difficult to get away - Parkes being the pick of the bowling, taking 3 wickets in his 7 overs for only 11 runs.

But the author of this report did not care - After so much rain a glorious afternoon playing a glorious game was reward enough! (Well, that and bowling out Ken middle stump!).
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