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TRCC vs. Warfield - 5th August 2007

The hottest day of the year - Maybe as high as 30C - A day made for cricket!

Twyford travelled to Warfield, near Bracknell, a fixture that used to be a regular one but for some unknown reason fell by the wayside in the past few years. Winning the toss, the Warfield captain had no alternative but to place Twyford in the field and hope that the extreme heat would abate when their turn came to field.

But the heat seemed to bring out the best in the visitors. Hackett, bowling down the slope with a gentle breeze at his back, bowled 13 straight overs in the hot sun, ripping through the home side's openers and giving hardly anything away. From the other end, Baker also gave a sterling effort. Only Ruddle and Cooper were able to offer any resistance for Warfield, but some fine fielding kept their ambitions in check too. After 42 overs in that scorching field, the visitors were only too glad to return to the pavilion, very happy with the state of play,

And for Twyford, it was to prove a good day with the bat as well. Woodman shook off his previous two successive ducks to begin stroking the ball with confidence and style, ending on an undefeated 54. Both Bejamin and Cochrane reached their 30's, and that was all that was required from the visitors - The target was reached in less than 30 overs.

So, a fine day for Twyford, lifting their spirits after a string of recent defeats. But all praise to their hosts, for inviting them to their lovely ground, for being true sportsmen throughout, and for a top-notch tea as well. We wont let this fixture linger for years again!