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TRCC vs. St Stephens - 27th August 2007

Last game of the tour - Now you can hardly hear yourself for the complaints about injuries nor open your eyes becaues of the stinging aroma of deep-heat. TRCC travelled to just near Cheltenham to play St. Stephens.

There is no record of who won the toss, but I can only assume that it was the home side as TRCC got nothing else right that day! Another true pitch with a fast outfield, the home side batted first. For some reason, TRCC assumed that bowling slow, short, and down the leg would fox the opposition ... it was not to be. An early wicket from Hackett brought hope, but short lived hope. Apart from that Twyford could do nothing to contain the rampage of runs. Evans with 130, Batchelor with 68 & Upadhyay with 54 lead the destruction. The final total of 287 was one of the largest totals ever scored against Twyford, and represented 7.2 runs per over. Taking out Hackett's bowling (the only decent figures) this rose to 7.5 - Truely calamatous.

But the visitors innings started with hope! Over six runs per over for the first six overs! What was going on? Well, what was going on was a false dawn - Wickets began to tumble. Although 5 batsmen achieved double figures, no-one managed to "break-out". Mr Adam Smith was dismissed by a girl! What humiliation, even in these times of equality. Honors were shared around the St. Stevens bowling, but none of it seemed that threatening in retrospect - We could have & should have done better than this!

So there we are for another season - Shorter of breath and one year closer to death. Was it all worth it? Damn right it was! A fine tour and - We're English! Where would we be without some abject humiliation? All that remained was a final pint at the "Gloucester Old Spot" and a Stilton & Banana cob, and we were finished for another year ...
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