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TRCC vs. Monmouth - 26th August 2007

Day 2 or the Tour, and off we toddled to Monmouth - A lovely ground with excellent facilities and very pleasant views. Last night had seen a Chineese meal with no taste (to match some of the club member's attire!) and a glass or two of beer, but the moans about aches & pains were still at a tolerable level. (But what is it about Hereford? By day, quaint English market town, by night the location for a Panorama special about binge-drinking! Well odd).

The second win of the toss saw TRCC in to bat again. The early loss of Leigh was a blow, but Woodman & Fuller were in their element on a true pitch with a fast outfield. Runs flowed like the tears of a Tim Henman fan as they piled on the pressure. But then, two disasters overtook Twyford. Fuller pulled up lame with a hamstring injury (But fortunately did not need to be put down) and had to retire. Secondly, T Saran came on to bowl! This chap - a mere 17 years old (An age beyound the memory of most of the club) was a demon, tearing through the remainder of the TRCC batting. The final wicket, taken by Saran with the last ball of the innings left the visitors on 206 (Thanks to the early batsmen). Not bad, but not unassailable either!

When it came to TRCC's turn to field, what a change from yesterday! There was purpose, there was spirit, there were no dropped catches! Seriously, we did splendidly. But still, on that pitch, even with the required run rate of 5 per over, things were never going to be easy. Never falling much behind the run rate, the home side pressed on. Wickets fell, but not quickly enough for TRCC's liking. Then there was that man Saran again! 91 runs before the sharp Mr Smith caught him behind. Closer & closer we got to the end of the 40 over innings, neither side able to alter the run rate to their advantage. It all came down to the last over - 10 required for victory! Then to the last ball with 2 required. But the last ball was non-scoring - Twyford had secured a well-fought victory!

Excellent stuff! Another set of excellent hosts who made the day a pleasure, and, for this season at least, an elusive victory! So, although the moans about knees, ankles & shins were beginning to drown out normal conversation, an excellent day all round.
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