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TRCC vs. Inkberrow - 25th August 2007

The Autumn bank holiday kicked off in great style with a fine, hot day - perhaps too hot for comfort. TRCC travelled to Worecstershire for their first match against a side cobbled together for their benefit by Eddie Hobson, to whom we are most grateful. In fact, with an important Saturday league game on the same day, Twyford were short, and were supplemented by some of the locals.

Winning the toss, Twyford elected to bat. This looked to be a good decision, for despite the lushness of the grass on the outfield (provoked by all the recent rain) the ball fairly raced towards the boundary on a pitch that had quite a slope to it. The visitors kept up a good rate of 4 per over throughout, with solid contributions from most batsmen, but the bowling certainly had its moments too, with probably Skafton being the most testing of the bowlers in his first game for 6 years. At the close of the innings TRCC were happy with 196, but there was a suspicion that there were more runs there for the taking.

Inkberrow did not start well, with two quick wickets from Hackett dismissing the openers. But that was the last of the joy for visitors for some time as Rose & Price set about the sometimes uneven bowling.

Now, the word "woeful" is tossed around a lot these days. An talking about tossing, let us turn to the subject of Twyford's fielding.. "To drop one catch could be considered unfortunate, to drop two look like carelessness". But to drop as many as we did - well - not even Mr. Wilde foresaw that. A truely horrendous display, and certainly the decisive factor. Twyford could not keep Inkberrow down, and with a excellent innings from Skafton of 72, the home side cruised to victory with 4 overs to spare.

Still, a fun time was had by all. Our hosts were great, and they throughly enjoyed the game they rarely played - Perhaps we have helped kick-start a new team here?

Also, unnoticed at the time, an amazing milestone was passed. Tom Fort took his run total to over 15,000 for the club! A superb achievement.
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