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TRCC vs. Reading Lawyers - 12th August 2007

Sunshine once more, and the travelling side Reading Lawyers made their yearly pilgrimage to Twyford.

Winning the toss, Twyford elected to bat. At first, all seemed to be going well as the runs mounted at a reasonable clip and batsmen remained at the crease. But with 65-1 on the board things took a darker turn for the home side. A mere five runs later, 4 more batsmen had been dismissed, mostly by J Frost who had an excellent afternoon for Reading. A further collapse around 90 was briefly halted by Edney, but when the innings ended the score of 124-9 looked woefully short on what was by no means a bowlers wicket.

In contrast, Reading Lawyers were very comfortable at the crease. This was especially true of the opener Symonds who played a superbly straight bat to any threatening deliveries, only to punish the inevitable loose ones. Roundly agreed by Twyford to be probably the best bating performance they had faced all year. For Twyford, only Captain N Downes showed penetration, taking 4-62. The end, a long time coming it seemed to the fielders, was always predictable.

A beautiful day on which to end the week, but when 4 of the Twyford batsmen achieve the grand total of zero runs it means more time in the nets is needed!
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